Suck Em Ups

Yesterday was my 40th birthday. I have not really ever made a big deal over ages or birthdays, but for some reason yesterday I was an emotional mess.

I cried over everything.

Woke up and watched When a Man Loves a Woman with Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia. That probably wasn’t the greatest way to start off the day on a bright note, but maybe it sets the stage for the tearfest.

My husband and Mea gave me cards. Tearfest.

Met my good friend for lunch, and when she showed up with flowers and a cupcake. Tearfest.

Came home to find flowers delivered from my Mack. Tearfest.

Mea started to not feel well which meant we needed to stay home. I called my Mom to tell her we would be staying home in the middle of my latest tearfest.

I had previously posted a photo of the flowers my friend sent me and my Mom told me this story.

I had posted a photo of the flowers my friend gave me on Facebook, and my Mom said…

“Those pink flowers are one of my favorites. They last a long time and are really pretty.

Your Dad is the one who bought them for me first, and will still come home with them from time to time, and they always make me smile.

The first time your Dad bought them for me he had been in the doghouse for something. I was really mad at him, and he came home from work with a bouquet of these flowers. I started to bring up the argument again, and he stopped me and said, “Red, do you know what those flowers are called?” When I said no, he said, “Those are called Suck em Ups.”

It’s hard to be mad when you are laughing Kel, and your Dad has always been able to make me laugh.”

This story brought me to tears again yesterday, but also was one of my greatest gifts.


2 Comments on “Suck Em Ups”

  1. Mrs T says:

    That’s a great story! Happy belated birthday.

  2. Jen says:

    Happy belated birthday. Welcome to my year, just as I’m about to depart it. 🙂

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