Monkey Soup

This is where “Monkey Soup” comes from.

The first Easter that we had Mea, the Easter Bunny brought her a play kitchen. It is really cute, a very good kitchen to buy for toddlers, since it can be adjusted to be tall enough for little girls too. It has a few interactive pieces, the burners on the stove click, and there is a blender that makes blender noises when you push the button, a phone, etc. She loves the kitchen, still plays and plays with it, making us fake food, and always making her Momma coffee.

Mea’s first Easter home she was about 21 months old. Always a teaser, and being silly, she would “cook” us funny things all the time. One time when she was “cooking” she was in her bedroom singing songs, and cooking away, I went in to check on her, and she had a toy monkey in a pot on the stove, she was making “Monkey Soup.” She would make other various things, but apparently “monkey soup” was the funniest thing to say and make.

This turned into something she would do all the time. When she would say “Monkey Soup”, it was so cute, and her little voice would get so high-pitched, and the sooooouuuuuuuuppp would just go on and on, higher and higher pitched. The girl could break a wine glass.

Then when she was closer to hitting the terrible two’s, this took on a whole other meaning. She would be playing in her room, making a mess of everything, and then you know when it starts getting too quiet, that there is more than likely some kind of naughtiness going on. When we would go to check to see what she was into, or what she was doing, she would hurry up and start “pretending” to be making “Monkey Soup.”

The time she almost tipped over her dresser, she was making monkey soup. The time that she colored on the walls, she was making monkey soup. Then there was the time where she took all of her clothes out of the dresser, again making monkey soup. The list goes on and on and on.

“Monkey Soup” is a code word for being naughty in our household. If you are doing something naughty, then you must be making “Monkey Soup.”


3 Comments on “Monkey Soup”

  1. Jaime Lynn says:

    I love your blog! It’s adorable and your stories bring a smile to my face.

  2. Delana says:

    Our daughter makes monkey soup, too! The getting into mischief kind!

  3. Monica Sue (aka Monkey Soup) says:

    Very cute and funny. My dad sent me a link to your site as part a birthday email. His nickname for me has been “Monkey Soup” as long as I can remember. (I turn 47 tomorrow.) It was a play on my name, but I bet he would agree that your use of the phrase fit me when I was a kid. I can think of some times when it fit my kids! (One thing I’ve learned: don’t leave the vaseline where your toddler can reach it, or you might be washing hair for the next 6 hours.) I would guess that saying your child is “making monkey soup” must bring a little lightness to those situations when we feel like screaming.

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